16  Mike and Anne Peters
23  Robin and Troy Browning
30  Peggy Brady

6   Tricia and Lee Boyd
13   Marty Clapton
20  Jean Williams
27  Nancy Smith

4   Cindy and Jeff Wilson
11  Beverly Lawrence
18  Sue Edwards
25  Tracy Szilasi

1   Mark and Rebecca Wiggs
8   Cori Cox Ely
15  Suzy Everett
22  Cathy and Jeff Davis
29  Michelle Hardge

Fall 2019 marks the twentieth year that Northminster has provided weekly dinners for Grace House, the only shelter in this area for HIV-positive people who have nowhere else to live. Our meals are an important contribution to their monthly food budget as well as a welcome treat.

While the number of Grace House residents varies from month to month, Grace House management anticipates an average of 15 or more. To keep our weekly meal preparations manageable for Northminster volunteers, we will continue to prepare for eight, and if you can, for eight to ten. The current Northminster plan provides a welcome benefit to Grace House and keeps the preparation manageable for Northminster cooks. You are welcome to pick up prepared food for delivery.

Northminster needs additional Grace House volunteers. You will prepare and deliver a meal for eight persons on Thursdays once or twice a year. Grace House, on Millsaps Avenue, is the only shelter for HIV-positive people in this area. If you are interested, call Donna Lewis at Northminster or Anne Guidry.