Adult Sunday School – All Classes Start 9:15 am

Adult I (Coed) – Encouragers Class – New Building, Room 104

Leaders for this class are Bennett Chotard, George and Mary Elizabeth Smith. The goal of this class is for the members to be family to each other while challenging each other’s minds and hearts. The Encouragers Class is leader-led with open discussion. Henri Nouwen’s Here and Now – Living in the Spirit is an example of the type of book this class studies. The theology of this Sunday School class is expressed beautifully in the following quote by Barbara Brown Taylor: ‘It is a world full of chips and dents and scars. Even where we have glued it back together you can still see the cracks, but in its own way it is lovely, a mosaic of many colors, a mended work of art, a testament to the God who is willing to work with broken pieces and who calls us to do the same!’

Adult II (Coed) – Fellow Strugglers – New Building, Room 106

This class is taught by Mike Peters and Kelley Williams, Jr. The Adult II class follows a plan of Bible study that covers content, history, and contemporary application of Scripture. Occasional book studies such as, Dietrich Bonhoffer’s The Cost of Discipleship, are also offered.

Adult III (Coed) – Eugene Casenave Class – New Building, Room 116

Coordinators for this class are Steve Cook and Fred Johnson. This class explores issues that involve one’s personal faith. Book studies (both classical and biblical), theological thought, and various aspects of Christian spirituality are areas most often addressed.

Adult IV (Men) – The Men’s Class – New Building, Room 107

Tom Turner is the contact for this class. Our Adult VI class offers in-depth Bible study in the context of a community of men of all ages. This class uses Scripture-based materials, including those from Smyth & Helwys.

Adult V (Coed) – The Mary Foose Class, New Building, Room 118

Teachers for this class are Diann Arinder, Elta Johnston and Gloria Martin. Substitutes are: Edwin Pittman and Amy Finkelberg. The Adult V class offers individuals an opportunity for serious Bible study, personal reflection, and the integration of faith into the whole of living. This class uses materials from Smyth & Helwys Publishing.

Adult VI (Women) – Room 204

The teacher for this class is Lynda Street. The Adult VII class provides a complete study of Holy Scripture in the context of a community of women. This class uses materials from Smyth & Helwys Publishing. Although attended primarily by women over 50, women of all ages are welcome.

Adult VIII (Coed) – Cornerstones – New Building, Room 103

The facilitator for this class is Marty Kelly. This class is currently studying Hebrews, Genesis, Exodus and Job.