Adult Sunday School – All Classes Start 9:15 am

Adult I: Encouragers Class (Coed)
Leaders:  Bennett Chotard, Mary Jane Ridgway, J. George and Mary Elizabeth Smith Beverly Lawrence (substitute); Helen Ridgway (substitute)
Currently Studying:
Class Description: The Encouragers class is focused on seeking intimate interaction with GOD through Bible and Christian book study, prayer, and open discussion. Our class also fosters each member to support and encourage each other in our daily lives. The class works to create a family of faith atmosphere. We welcome new members.

Adult II: Fellow Strugglers (Coed)
Teacher:  Mike Peters, Kelley Williams, Jr.
Currently Studying: A Testament of Devotion by Thomas Kelly.  We concluded The Way of the Pilgrim last fall.  Our current focus is on deepening our internal prayer life.
Class Description: The Fellow Strugglers class consists of folks in various stages of their journey – from parents with toddlers to retirees.  We seek to support one another along the way – celebrating life’s joys together and grieving life’s sorrows together.  We pray for one another and alternate study of scripture with topical works, depending on the desires of class members.

Adult III: Eugene Cazenave Class (Coed)
Coordinators:  Steve Cook and Fred Johnson
Currently Studying:
Class Description: This class explores issues that involve one’s personal faith. Book studies (both classical and biblical), theological thought, and various aspects of Christian spirituality are areas most often addressed.

Adult IV: The Men’s Class (Men)
Facilitator:  Woody Toler
Teachers: Eddie Mahaffey, Bill Nicholas, Scott McPherson, Will Rumbavage, Steve Smith, Michael Williams
Currently Studying:                     
Formations by Smyth & Helwys: Tell the Good News, Noah and the Flood, Face to Face with Jesus, Joy of Easter
Class Description: Our Adult IV class offers in-depth Bible Studying the context of a community of men of all ages. The class describes themselves as “for sinners only.” This class uses Scripture-based materials including those from Smyth & Helwys.

Adult V: The Mary Foose Class (Coed)
Teachers:  Diann Arinder, Jeanne Cook, Elta Johnston, Bill Lee
Currently Studying: 
Tell the Good News, Noah and the Flood, Face to Face with Jesus, and The Joy of Easter
Class Description: The Mary Foose Class includes close study of scripture as it appears on the page and as it is reflected in our lives, along with shared camaraderie. Study materials are provided by Smyth & Helwys.

Adult VI: The Women’s Class (Women)
Teacher:  Lynda Street
Currently Studying:                     
This class is not meeting at present due to our ongoing global health concerns; however, when it begins meeting again, notification will be provided in the newsletter and bulletin. If you would like to be notified specifically, please contact the church office.
Class Description: The Women’s Class provides a complete study of Holy Scripture in the context of a community of women. This class uses materials from Smyth and Helwys Publishing. Although attended primarily by women over 50, women of all ages are welcome.

Adult VII: Cornerstones (Coed)
Facilitator:  Marty Kelly
Currently Studying: Conversations about Northminster revolving around LRP topics; an extended tour through familiar stories in the Hebrew Bible
Class Description: A laid back discussion-based class made up of used-to-be-young folks, many of whom have school aged children.