What Should We Say About the Cross?

Posted on Apr 14 2019

Pressing On

Posted on Apr 07 2019

Concerning Reconciliation

Posted on Mar 31 2019

On the Other Hand

Posted on Mar 24 2019

These Verses Versus Those Verses

Posted on Mar 10 2019

While Praying

Posted on Mar 03 2019

Concerning Judgement

Posted on Feb 24 2019

Luke’s Jesus

Posted on Feb 17 2019

What Happened There Happens Here

Posted on Feb 10 2019

On Not Being Mad About What God Is Glad About

Posted on Feb 03 2019

Youth Sermon on Youth Sunday

Posted on Jan 27 2019

Concerning the Sign of Water to Wine

Posted on Jan 20 2019

Concerning the Star

Posted on Jan 06 2019

All That We Say, All That We Do

Posted on Dec 30 2018

Concerning the Mystery of the Incarnation

Posted on Dec 23 2018

Concerning Joy

Posted on Dec 16 2018

Lessons and Carols Service

Posted on Dec 09 2018

Another Advent Journey Begins

Posted on Dec 02 2018

A Sermon by Lesley Ratcliff

Posted on Nov 25 2018

The Annual Stewardship Sermon

Posted on Nov 18 2018

Concerning the Bible’s Conversation With Itself

Posted on Nov 11 2018

Until We Lose Our Voices

Posted on Oct 28 2018

An Important Question from the Book of Job

Posted on Oct 21 2018

From Why? To How?

Posted on Oct 14 2018

Like a Child by Lesley Ratcliff

Posted on Oct 07 2018

What Might Be True About Hell?

Posted on Sep 30 2018

Way Leads On to Way

Posted on Sep 23 2018

Another Hard Saying of Jesus

Posted on Sep 16 2018

The Way the Spirit Leads

Posted on Sep 09 2018

Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak

Posted on Sep 02 2018

Another Day

Posted on Aug 26 2018

On Being Careful How We Live

Posted on Aug 19 2018

Concerning David and Absalom

Posted on Aug 12 2018

The Truth, Dressed in Nothing But Love

Posted on Aug 05 2018

Concerning Integrity and Courage

Posted on Jul 29 2018

To Build A Home for God

Posted on Jul 22 2018

Concerning the Plumb Line

Posted on Jul 15 2018

At the Intersection of Light and Pain

Posted on Jul 08 2018

A Sermon on the Subject of Grief

Posted on Jul 01 2018

A Sermon by Lesley Ratcliff

Posted on Jun 24 2018

We Do Not Know How

Posted on Jun 17 2018

We Do Not Lose Heart

Posted on Jun 10 2018

How Jesus Read Scripture

Posted on Jun 03 2018

A Sermon on the Doctrine of the Trinity

Posted on May 27 2018

Concerning the Work Jesus Left for the Spirit

Posted on May 20 2018

Concerning the Prayer of Jesus

Posted on May 13 2018

What Peter Said About What Peter Saw

Posted on May 06 2018

When Love Casts Out Fear

Posted on Apr 29 2018

As You Go

Posted on Apr 22 2018

Concerning Christianity and Judaism

Posted on Apr 15 2018

Concerning Our Life Together

Posted on Apr 08 2018

A Sermon on the Subject of the Resurrection

Posted on Apr 01 2018

Concerning the Cross-Formed Life

Posted on Mar 25 2018

Concerning Suffering

Posted on Mar 18 2018

When We Return John 3:16 to the Bible

Posted on Mar 11 2018

Remember the Sabbath

Posted on Mar 04 2018

On Letting Jesus Be Jesus

Posted on Feb 25 2018

Is There Grace Beyond the Grave?

Posted on Feb 18 2018

They Are With God and God Is With Us

Posted on Feb 13 2018

When We Cannot Go On

Posted on Feb 04 2018

Where Truth Meets Love

Posted on Jan 28 2018

Youth Sermon with Ben Oakes and Madeleine Wiggs

Posted on Jan 21 2018

Concerning the Voice of the Lord

Posted on Jan 07 2018

Concerning What Simeon Said to Mary

Posted on Dec 31 2017

Concerning What Gabriel Said to Mary

Posted on Dec 24 2017

Concerning Joy

Posted on Dec 17 2017

A Service of Lessons and Carols

Posted on Dec 10 2017

When God Comes Down

Posted on Dec 03 2017

A Sermon on the Subject of Judgment Day

Posted on Nov 26 2017

Careful Speech About Money and the Church

Posted on Nov 19 2017

Concerning the Last Day

Posted on Nov 12 2017

Another Reformation

Posted on Oct 29 2017

All That We Can See of God

Posted on Oct 22 2017

God is God

Posted on Oct 15 2017

A Sermon on Psalm Nineteen

Posted on Oct 08 2017

On Working Out Our Salvation

Posted on Oct 01 2017

On Not Being Envious Because God Is Generous

Posted on Sep 24 2017

A Sermon on the Subject of Forgiveness

Posted on Sep 17 2017

A Sermon by Lesley Ratcliff

Posted on Sep 10 2017

From Solid Rock to Stumbling Block

Posted on Sep 03 2017

Binding and Loosing

Posted on Aug 27 2017

The Deeper We Go, The Wider We Grow

Posted on Aug 20 2017

A Sermon on the Subject of the Church

Posted on Aug 13 2017

A Sermon on the Subject of God

Posted on Aug 06 2017

A Sermon On the Subject of Prayer

Posted on Jul 30 2017

A Sermon On the Subject of Judgment

Posted on Jul 23 2017

A Sermon On the Subject of the Bible

Posted on Jul 16 2017

All Conversions are Approximate

Posted on Jul 09 2017

The Lord Will Provide

Posted on Jul 02 2017

Fill the Space with Grace

Posted on Jun 25 2017

Stay Until You Leave by Lesley Ratcliff

Posted on Jun 18 2017

The Community of God by Lesley Ratcliff

Posted on Jun 13 2017

A Sermon on the Subject of the Holy Spirit

Posted on Jun 04 2017

Jesus’ Prayer for Jesus’ People

Posted on May 28 2017

When the Only Way Out Is Through

Posted on May 21 2017

What Should We Say About John 14:6?

Posted on May 14 2017

50th Anniversary Celebration Service

Posted on May 07 2017

Concerning the Church

Posted on Apr 30 2017

Take Us With You

Posted on Apr 23 2017