As many of you may have noticed, across the past few years more and more of the lights in the sanctuary have failed. For a number of years our Building Maintenance Committee has studied the benefits of shifting to more long lasting LED lights, and, in consultation with the Deacons, have determined that we should go forward with that transition.
Because the change to LED lighting will require the re-wiring of the sanctuary, as well as the installation of all new light fixtures, the work is anticipated to take six weeks, during which time the sanctuary will be scaffolded, and, thus, inaccessible for worship services.
While the Great Hall does not have the same livestream capability as the sanctuary, the technology committee is working now to ensure that the livestream continues during the time we will be away from the sanctuary.
This project has been estimated to take six weeks. We plan to gather for worship in the Great Hall beginning Sunday July 4, returning to a more luminous sanctuary as summer ends and a new school year begins.