Adult Studies

17 Feb 2019 | 05:30 pm

Adult Studies at Northminster
(All sessions will take place at 5:30 p.m. in the Adult Education Building.)

Lyrical Lines Stirring the Soul
In the context of the waning of winter, the arrival of spring,
and the anticipation of that most Holy time of Lent and Easter,
we will look to poetry that stirs both our senses and our soul.
The weekly exploration of the selected poems will be interactive since we readers must engage to experience.
Led by Faye Barham, Jeanne Wells Cook and Paul Smith

February 10: Praise and Gratitude
Selected poems focus on daily praise and gratitude for all of creation and for the blessings we enjoy as part of that creation.

February 17: Literary Sharing
As part of the engaging and interactive nature of this study, participants are invited to the annual literary sharing of poems or prose that stir their souls or write new pieces to share with the group.

February 24: Lenten Topics
Selected poems deal with confession, prayer, and the journey toward the Crucifixion.

March 3: The Journey to Easter
In response to the coming of Easter, selected poems confess the humility, mystery, or
wonder of our Easter experience.