Fall Retreat:  November 5 – 6.

We will depart from Northminster for Camp of the Rising Son on Friday, November 5. We will wrap up our retreat in time to attend the Ole Miss/Liberty game in Oxford on Saturday, November 6 and travel back to Jackson after the game. (The time of the game has not yet been announced.) The cost of the retreat is $60, this cost covers transportation, lodging, most food, and tickets to the game. The theme for the retreat will be Prayer Unplugged.

We will depart Northminster at 4:30pm. If you have an extracurricular event that prevents you gathering at Northminster at that time, and want to go, let me know. We will be arranging late transportation to the retreat.

We will be joined on this retreat by Northside Baptist Church in Clinton and some Together for Hope friends.

Similar to recent overnight opportunities, we will administer rapid COVID tests prior to departing the church to ensure that we are starting the retreat with everyone present having tested negative. As of the time of this writing, we have been asked to wear masks when in not open air spaces at Camp of the Rising Son. This request should have minimal impact on our time there, as the cabins and worship spaces we will be utilizing will be outside and/or open air. We anticipate that the only time we will be inside in spaces that are not open air are retrieving food from the cafeteria (to eat outside) and using the restrooms.

Let Major know by Sunday, October 17 if you would like to attend the Fall Retreat.

Please let Major know if you have any questions.